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    The Stevensville graduation rate is 95.5% with a dropout rate of 1.6% compared to Hamilton graduation rate is 88.6% with a dropout rate of 2.9%. Corvallis graduation rate is 95.5% with a dropout rate of 0.5%.
     Principal Brian Gum on GMM: "Graduation Matters has been an excellent program for us. We have really transformed it into becoming a k-12 effort. As you know our graduation rates and dropout rates have improved vastly since adopting this program. In 2010-11 school year we were at a 80.4 % graduation rate and a 5.7% drop out rate. In three years, we have improved our rates to where they are today!!!! I am very proud of our community, school, staff, students and parents for getting on board with this program and allowing our vision to become a reality.  When we received our preliminary results I had a special luncheon for all of the high school staff for their efforts. I am looking at putting together a celebration assembly for our kids and GMM community members to recognize the efforts that everyone has made." 
    Boys Basketball Team Members  Boys Basketball Team Members  Boys Basketball Team Members
    Stevi Boys Basketball Team takes the pledge to graduate
    Superintendent Denise Juneau has set an expectation for every child in Montana
    to graduate from high school. In today's global economy, a quality education is the key to
    economic prosperity for our young people. More than 2,000 Montana students drop out of school
    each year--an average of five every day.
    graduation matters  
    Graduation Matters Montana is in Stevensville, and we want you to join in the effort! Launched by Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, Graduation Matters Stevensville is a multi-pronged, coordinated effort of business, educators, parents, students and community members from every sector working to reach the goal of a 100% graduation rate.  We are seeking a variety of individuals of all ages, professions and interests.
    Graduation Matters is a long-term, community campaign to ensure more students graduate ready for college and careers.  With the belief that everyone in our community can play a role in helping kids stay and succeed in school, we seek to form a partnership between Stevensville Public Schools and the Stevensville community.  We recognize many in the community have worked for some time to keep students in school and address the reasons students drop out.  This campaign is a broad-based effort and looks to rally every sector of the community to work together to encourage students to stay in school and help them succeed. 
    For further information on Graduation Matters Stevensville, contact Pam Johnson at (406)777-5481 X123 from 8:00 am- 4:00 pm, Monday- Friday or visit the Graduation Matters Montana website at www.graduationmatters.mt.gov.